Natalia B.

Mente Creativa


Times are changing. Business are changing. Human relationships are changing. We need to change our old points of view and look into new clinical evidences. This will lead us to better results with better knowledge of human behaviour to better business and relationships.

I’m always learning and trying to improve myself (and yes, this means changing and sometimes It’s not that easy but… here I am!).

I am a seeker. One of the best and most useful treasures I have ever found is the fact that Communication is the key element to understand the human race, it is the central concept of human evolution. And it is all about Emotions. The way in which our social animal brain receives, processes and responds to stimuli. Emotions.

Being the Queen of our Skills, would you agree that become Master in Communication and Cross-Cultural Understanding, becoming Experts in Emotions and Behaviour, shall help us to reach our goals by means of increasing our success rate and improving our profit?

It’s not a secret, there are more of us everyday saying that the key to achieve success in business and in personal life relies on knowing how to inspire and engage humans. Today it’s the perfect point to learn how to put this in practice. I can help you! I’ve been studying and working focused on this for years (one to one trainings, master classes, in-company coaching) and it always contributes to get better and stronger relationships, better workplaces, it increases people’s satisfaction, their motivation and engagement. It’s really a step up for companies and individuals who feel the benefits of trust and loyalty. We’ll tailor solutions and work them out together to align the needs with your business strategy to get better, bigger and measurable results.

And yes, as a restless seeker, my backpack is full of multi-colored experiences which I’ll be delighted to share with you. Together, we’ll find the best solutions to your unique problems. Let’s share and learn, let’s communicate.